Deck Restoration

Westminster Paint Pals Deck and Patio Restoration

Whether large or small, painted or stained, we can provide a variety of restoration services for decks. Just as with your house, it is always necessary to provide adequate protection and to regularly maintain your deck by painting or staining. Because of the increased UV exposure and higher wear-and-tear on decks in the Westminster area, it is optimal to stain or paint every 2-5 years.

Our Westminster Paint Pals crew specializes in superior deck restoration by providing proven painting or staining techniques with higher customer service and more affordable prices! Depending on the finish, either paints or stains, our process for restoring your deck may vary. To learn more about the exact process for restoring painted decks check out our Exterior Painting page or for stains see our Staining page.

Regardless of the process, we focus on attention to detail and proper technique to ensure your satisfaction. Upon project completion we do a visual inspection with you to guarantee your complete satisfaction.