Proper Paint Storage

When stored properly, house paint can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. But how do you tell what is proper storage? Most people store leftover paint in a garage and don’t think anything more of it. But a non-temperature-controlled garage may have more consequences to your paint’s life span than you know. We have got you covered with some tips on how to best store your paint for the long haul!

According to an article in Better Homes and Gardens, the ideal storage temperature for house paint is 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above or below is considered too hot or too cold, and paint can freeze. If this happens, the paint can be ruined. To tell, allow it to slowly warm to room temperature, stir it well, and check to see if the color is right. If so, it should be okay to use. When paint gets too hot, the chemicals in it, as well as the water, can evaporate (as the lid does not provide perfect protection), leading to the paint drying out and hardening. It is best to store paint in a basement or garage that does not get too hot or cold, and on a shelf. Storing paint cans on concrete floors like that of garages can lead to faster rusting of the paint can.

Tip: Write on a piece of masking tape the color of the paint, the date of purchase and how much remains in the can. This way, when you are looking through multiple paint cans for a specific color, you won’t have to open the cans and break the seal just for a quick peek at what color it is.

When you are ready to get rid of paint, then it must be dried out before going in the garbage. If you don’t have the time to wait or just want the paint gone, you can also take it to your local hardware/paint store and pay a small fee for them to dispose of it for you. Remember, paint can harm the environment, so proper storage and disposal are very important.

Here at Westminster Paint Pals we practice proper storage and disposal of paint, after we paint your house we will leave somewhere between a quart and a gallon of extra paint for each color on your house. Also if we paint your house and you have old paint you wish to dispose of don’t hesitate to ask on of our Westminster Paint Pals reps to dispose your old paint free of charge.

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The new year is in full swing and Paint Pals is gearing up to start a strong exterior painting season in YOUR neighborhood. We are booking work now and, as always, doing free estimates! Since the weather won’t allow us to start today we are scheduling the outdoor painting for a very near future, but we will do free estimates no matter what the weather is like.

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Unmatched painting experience with Westminster Paint Pals

Nobody does it better; from the phone call to setting your free estimate to the final walk around after your painting and staining is complete, Westminster Paint Pals will deliver the best in customer service and quality around. Arguably the best value in town. Call today to schedule your free estimate (Matt, District Manager @ 720-365-7450) whether you’re in Broomfield, Boulder, Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Gunbarrel, Westminster, Arvada, and many more places!!!

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Interior Painting Painted by Paint Pals Professional Painters!

“Excellent Job!” are the words that Ms. Jacobs of Broomfield used to describe the interior painting we just finished for her. Professional Paint Pals Painters, Chris and Michael made such a great impression that Ms. Jacobs was satisfied with the quality enough so that she wrote us a reference letter:

“… One evening after they’d left, a guy came by to give me an estimate on re-grouting my shower. As he was leaving he commented on the neat work that the painters were doing. He said he’s seen a lot of paint jobs where the painters weren’t nearly as neat. That was pretty cool!”

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So a lot of homeowners are thinking about getting their exterior, interior, deck or fences finished this summer. We are providing free painting and/or staining estimates for the 2013 painting season. An estimate includes as many options as you want about the variety of details regarding the paint or stain work that you’d be interested in completing. These estimates are good for the whole year! If you schedule a free estimate with Westminster Paint Pals and decide the same day to sign-up to get it completed this year we can give the best discount (approx $200-$1000 off). Best Paint Deals in Westminster, Bloomfield, Boulder, Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, and more!